Veterans Supporting Veterans

Townsville Veterans support Group

Veterans Supporting Veterans

Weekends Away

Monthly weekends away to other towns & places.

Weekly Activities

Coffee, Dinner or a beer, you choose!

Family Orientated

Family activities, BBQs and much more.

Claims Assist

We can assist with your DVA claims.

Breast Patch - Original
About Us

What our patch means

The Twenty Two: 22 Symbolises V for Veteran, those that know, know that the 22nd letter of the alphabet is V.

The Mask: Symbolises the mask that many veterans wear to conceal pain they may be carrying from their service.

The Skull & Bullet Hole: Symbolises death, those that made the ultimate sacrifice during their service to this country or by suicide from their service related conditions.

22 Australia History

Vietnam Veterans & Veterans MC – Townsville Chapter

Our Vision

We are here to help

Don’t go through life being alone or living life on the edge, reach out to us, we are here to help. We are like minded veterans who understand each other and each others hidden injures.

If you would like to catch up for a coffee, a beer or just a chat we will lend a listening ear.

Our Services

What We Can Offer

We are able to provide you with.

DVA Claims

With vast knowledge our members are able to assist you with your DVA claims.

Emergency Accommodation

Caught in a rut and need accommodation, we can help.

A Listening Ear

Link minded members understand the veterans life. We are here to listen.


For any inquiries please email