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Incredible Atmosphere

Come and join other like minded Veterans.

Regular Activities

From coffee catchups to road trips, we have it all.

Every Month

We try to get away every month or hold a different activity.

About The Emblem

The Twenty Two: The 22 symbolises V for Veteran (those that know…..know, the 22nd letter of the alphabet).

The Mask: Symbolises the mask many Veterans wear to conceal pain they may carry from their service.

The Skull and Bullet Hole: Symbolises death, those that made the ultimate sacrifice during service to this country or by suicide from their service related conditions.


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Ride Trips to Date

22 Australia

You don’t become a Veteran without serving your country.
Time till our next major trip

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Townsville Veterans Support Group

We are a non government, not for profit organisation consisting of current and former serving members of the ADF.

We are Veterans supporting other Veterans with who require Emergency Accommodation, Counselling or just an ear to listen.

We are funded by our own member contributions through membership fees.

If you would like to support us, please make a donation.