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Frequently Asked Questions

Here on this page you will find answers to your questions. If your answer is not on this page please contact us.

What is the criteria to join 22 Australia?

Please refer to this page

Am I able to donate to 22 Australia?

Yes, all donations got to the members by way of functions and activities.

we are extremely grateful for any amount that you wish to donate.

Please contact us for payment details

Do I become a patched member when I join?

No, there is a probationary period of 3-6 months where you must demonstrate an overwhelming commitment to the chapter.

After this period , a vote will be cast by other full members where you must received a 100% vote.

If you do not receive a 100% vote, a further probationary period may be required, you will be informed of this at the time of the vote.

I am not a veteran, can I still join?

Given recent events, the committee has decided that 22 Australia will not accept non veterans in to the chapter. This was decided as the committee has realised that non veterans do not hold the same values as veterans.

With the exception of the above, family members of full members are eligible to become supporters of 22 Australia.

Is 22 Australia a Motorcycle Club?

Yes and No, most members ride motorcycles and it is a requirement that you do ride to join 22 Australia, with exceptions as outlined by the committee.

22 Australia is a Veterans Support Group who ride motorcycles, we are not a motorcycle club as such.

Who pays for my vest when I become a prospect?

The short answer is “you do”.

You are required to purchase:

  • Your own black suede vest (cut)
  • Patches for your cut
  • Black and white t-shirts in your size
  • The emblems for your the t-shirts

When do the members meet?

We usually hold a coffee catchup at fairfield waters one day during the week but Friday nights are our activity night where we either do to a members house for a BBQ or another establishment in Townsville

Is 22 Australia associated with any other motorcycle club?

22 Australia was founded on the backend of the Veterans Motorcycle Club Townsville Chapter which folded in late 2022 as voted by its members at the time.

22 Australia is not associated with any other motorcycle club within Australia

Does 22 Australia have a club house?

No and we are very happy with that situation.

How often do the members go away for a ride?

Usually once every two months we will decide upon a destination and go, usually overnight or over a couple of nights depending upon the location.

Some locations include:

  • Foresters Beach
  • Mission Beach
  • Airlie Beach
  • Montes Beach resort
  • Ravenswood
  • Charters Towers

Once a year we like to to a large trip to another state, recently was Darwin.

Why do you call yourself a chapter

The term chapter has just rolled over from the old VMC days, there are no other branches of 22 Australia, but we still use the term chapter.

Can I wear my medals on my cut?

Generally we do not wear our medals unless it is ANZAC Day or another special day commemorating past conflicts, however, we wear our ribbons permanently on our cuts along with any other awards you have received.

Only the Chapter patches, medals, awards and your corps badge are to be placed on a cut.

You mat wear other patches on the inside of your cut.

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